Team 1 Plastics’ Team Members Raise Funds through a Dunk Tank

Posted by Brenda Eubank on Tue. August 1, 2017

Summer Picnic #2 2017.jpgMost people like a dunk tank -- especially if they aren’t in it! It’s even better when it’s tied together with a fund raiser for local community projects. That’s what happened on Saturday, July 15, 2017, at the Team 1 Plastics’ annual summer family picnic. More than $450 was raised for the Team 1 Plastics’ 30th Anniversary Fund.

Using the dunk tank as a fund raiser was the brainchild of Kiera Carter, Team 1’s Human Resource Assistant. “I knew I had to have something associated with the dunk tank to make sure the Managers would participate. Raising money for our 30th Anniversary Fund was something they wouldn’t say ‘No!’ to.” Carter also had the full support of Team 1’s co-owners, Craig Carrel and Gary Grigowski.

For seven weeks prior to the picnic, Team Members donated money into jars for their favorite Managers to be in the dunk tank. Team 1’s nine Managers each had a designated jar, and the three managers with the most money in their jars would be in the dunk tank. And, for every $1 a Team Member donated, (s)he would get three balls to throw during the picnic.

“Team members were excited from the beginning, but even more when they heard their Managers saying that they didn’t want to be in the dunk tank – which just made the Team Members donate even more money!” Carter said. “Some Managers talked about donating toward a different Manager so they would be able to stay out of the tank. One Manager even asked that if he matched the entire amount donated, could he get out of it? The answer was ‘No,’ of course,” Carter said, laughing, “And, he was one of the Managers who ended up in the tank!”

Summer Picnic 2017.jpgCarter said that after each weekly update of the amounts in the Manager’s jars, Team Members would figure out how much they needed to donate. “It was hilarious!” Donations were even being made up to the deadline at noon on the day before the picnic. The winning Managers (or losers, depending on your point of view) were Grigowski ($102.01), Dave Sanford ($97.57), and Dave Seedorf ($91.34).

So that everyone could participate in the dunking of the Managers, there was an opportunity at the picnic to purchase three balls for $1. “The kids absolutely loved it, and they were the ones who hit the target the most.” To add to the fun, it was announced that Carrel would have a turn in the dunk tank if $50 were raised during the picnic – easily accomplished within the first half-hour of the day.

Besides the dunk tank, there were lots of other activities for the Team Members and their families. “We had an inflatable obstacle course, carnival games and prizes, an outdoor pool table, a basketball game, face painting, and caricature drawings. Lunch was provided along with cake, popsicles, and candy bags for the kids.”

Summing up the day, Carter said, “It was just an all-around great day, great people, great laughs, and great weather. I would like to thank all of the Managers for agreeing to participate, and especially, Seedorf, Sanford, Craig, and Gary for being such good sports. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to raise almost $500 for the 30th Anniversary Fund.”

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