Team 1 Products

Team 1 Plastics has focused its operations on four injection moulding product families:

Precision Components Transparent Plastic Injection Molding
Enclosures and Housing, Plastic Injection Molding Light Assemblies, Plastic Injection

Our fully automated manufacturing facility that operates 24/7 offers high quality consistent product delivered on time at a globally competitive price. Each team member is trained to operate all of our plastic injection machines and knows the process for making any of our products. We’ve taken precautions in all of our plastic moulding processes to make sure that you don’t have to deal with late shipments or defects. Team 1 is constantly striving to deliver the “Best Overall Value” in delivery, quality, service and price.

Contact us if you want a part made from a thermoplastic that we don’t have listed. We have the capability to run any thermoplastic and our plastics background means we probably have done it sometime in our past.