As part of its goal to be “Your #1 Team In Customer Satisfaction,” Team 1 Plastics is constantly working to improve the quality of its thermoplastic injection molding. There are several factors that give Team 1 Plastics a competitive advantage over other injection molding companies.

IATF Certification 2018IATF 16949 – Team 1 is certified to the IATF 16949:2016 certification standard. Team 1 Plastics has been certified to the ISO/TS 16949:2009 standard since 2013. The IATF (International Automotive Task Force) 16949:2016 certification has replaced the ISO/TS 16949:2009 as the international automobile industry’s required standard. (Click on the image to view and/or print a larger version of the Certificate.) 

According to nqa.com, the IATF 16949 certification “emphasizes the development of a process-oriented Quality Management System (QMS) that provides for:

  • continual improvement,
  • defect prevention, and
  • reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain.” 

System Development - No quality system can prevent every possible nonconformance. However, a disciplined, systemic approach to analysis and resolution allows Team 1 to attack the root of any problem, protecting customers from the cost and inconvenience of recurrences. This focus leads to improvements in processes and management, resulting in a competitive advantage.

Corrective and Preventative Action
- Team 1 Plastics knows that it may not be able to predict, and thus prevent, every potential problem. What Team 1 CAN do is to respond to problems that occur in a manner that prevents having to fix them more than once. Cross-functional corrective action and continuous improvement meetings are regularly scheduled. Ownership is an active participant. Disciplined, problem-solving approaches, combined with a willingness to invest in technology, allow Team 1 to attack problems effectively, minimizing inconvenience to customers.

Sharing Information
- Team 1 utilizes web-based tools and custom data-management systems to communicate internally in a dynamic and real-time environment. This infrastructure provides the best opportunity to care for customers and to ensure that items can be tracked and accounted for.

New Product Launch Meetings - The long-term success of any project is rooted in the management of the launch. Team 1 can manage the design and construction of new tools. In addition, it can work with customers to ensure that transfer tooling is quickly and successfully brought into production.

Low Mold Cavitation
– Very few of Team 1's molds have more than eight cavities and most are one or two cavities. This means that Team 1 has higher precision and repeatable quality. With low cavitation molds, the upfront capital can be reduced by up to 60% compared with higher cavitation plastic injection molding work. Team 1's highly automated 24/7 operation of small molding machines allows it to run low cavitation molds at a overall less expensive cost compared to high cavitation in traditional 5 days a week, labor-intensive molding companies.