Team 1 Plastics’ Technology

Team 1 Plastics is driven by state-of-the-art technology — utilizing both physical automation and information technology — throughout its production process.

Each of the company’s injection molding machines presses is equipped with robots, dramatically reduced handling damage to the parts as well as errors associated with manual labor. Team 1 Plastics is exploring the use of Collaborative Robots (Cobot) which expands Team 1 Plastics’ technology capabilities.

Other capabilities include Multi-tube and rotating core processes which join multiple components, eliminating secondary processes such as welding.

Team 1 Plastics developed its own ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, called ProMon, that allows for paperless production and quality system on the manufacturing floor. It is an electronic production data management tool that combines production information tracking, electronic document control and distribution, scrap recording, lot control, and other key functions at a central control panel at each molding machine. Since it was internally developed, it is specifically designed for Team 1’s systems and can easily be updated to make it more efficient.

Learn more about Team 1 Plastics’ technology capabilities by watching its video, “Team 1 Plastics Driven by Technology.”

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