Why Team 1 Plastics

Team 1 Plastics is a state of the art, custom, plastic injection-molding company that specializes in precision and transparent plastic components for the automotive industry.

Team 1 Plastics Automotive Focus

Team 1 Plastics strives to deliver the "Best Overall Value" in delivery, quality, service, and price.

Team 1 strongly believes that the company can save you money and time on your small plastic parts because of its focus in these key areas:

  • Innovative - Team 1 Plastics is committed to continuously improving its processes while supplying quality product on time to support the smooth flow of its customers' operations.
  • Agile - Custom designed processes allow Team 1 Plastics to operate 24/7 in production, allowing for maximum flexibility to support any customer request.
  • Reliable - Team 1 Plastics is proud that customers can count on it to be a reliable and financially stable partner.
  • Quality - As part of Team 1's goal to be "Your #1 Team In Customer Satisfaction." it is constantly working to improve the quality of its thermoplastic injection molding.