Team 1 Plastics' custom-designed processes allow it to operate 24/7 in both production and logistics, allowing maximum flexibility to support any customer request. Whether it is a rush shipment or a last minute request for a quote, Team 1 is always ready to serve its customers’ needs.

24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week Operation – As one of the only plastic injection moulding companies to offer 24/7 operation, you can get help anytime. You won’t ever have to wait until Team 1 is open to get support from its on-site staff.

Cross-Trained Team – Each Team Member is able to perform any of the processes necessary to bring a part through the production system. Since 1997, Team 1 has reduced its job classifications from six to one and improved productivity per Team Member by 29%. This cross training means that you will never have to worry about production stopping due to a shortage of staff because of unexpected absences.

Transfer Molds - If the mold fits, Team 1 Plastics can run it. Production stoppages can be devastating beyond measure, so contact Team 1 and be up and running again in less than 24 hours. As a survivor in the manufacturing marketplace, Team 1 has much experience in helping its customers with transfer molds. Team 1 is a specialist in the ability to handle rapid transfers: Tight schedule? Little or no advance notice? No problem!

Complex Part Programs –Throughout its more than 20 years of experience with molded plastic, Team 1 Plastics has learned how to complete even the most complex part programs. Team 1 is one of the only plastic injection molders in the world with the proven ability to handle extremely tight tolerance with complex molds. Don’t hesitate to contact Team 1 with your project.

Production Tooling Lead Time – Team 1's lead time can be 6-8 weeks for production tooling First Shot samples. Because of Team 1's high quality and time-saving plastic injection manufacturing, you won’t have to wait a second longer than necessary.