Position: Quality Technician 1

Date of Hire: 9/25/2011

Other Positions Held / Length of Each: Production Assistant – 1 Year, Quality Auditor – 3 years

Favorite Story / Memory during Time Working at Team 1: Carlos said that his favorite story was from his first year at working at Team 1 Plastics. He was on his way to work and had stopped at a local gas station. While he was there, he realized that his dog had gotten out because he saw the dog walking down the street. Carlos said, “I told the person that I was riding with, ‘Hey, I’ll get another ride to work. I have to get my dog.’ I had to run from the gas station all the way to Albion College to catch him and take him back home. By the time I got to work, I was mad because I was late, and I don’t like to be late.” Carlos continued, “I happened to be telling Shelley [Lewis] what happened when she looked down at my pants, and I had slobber from my dog all over them. The expression on her face was priceless! We ended up laughing about it for the rest of the day.”

How has Team 1 helped your Personal and/or Professional Development? Carlos said that Team 1 has provided him with both classroom and on-the-job training which has enhanced his computer skills and knowledge of working with different types of lab equipment. He has attended classes at MMTC (Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center) in Plymouth, Michigan, taking courses that directly relate to his work in the Quality Department. Carlos added that he is scheduled to attend additional training later in 2018.

Favorite Aspect of Working at Team 1: “I really do enjoy everybody that I work with, and I enjoy my job.” Carlos also enjoys the work environment at Team 1. “We seem to be a big family.” He mentioned the winter party and the picnics that Team 1 provides for the Team Members, and he mentioned how personable the owners are. “Team 1 is one of the better places that I’ve worked in.”

What do you want to share about your life outside of Team 1? Carlos said that what people might not know about him is that he is a “big dog lover.” (His dog is a pit bull.) He enjoys being at home and watching television in his free time. He also enjoys regularly volunteering for several charities: Relay for Life, Cares, and Red Ribbon in Battle Creek which donates all proceeds to finding a cure for HIV/Aids.

Piece of Advice and/or Encouragement for Future Team 1 Team Members: Carlos’ piece of advice is one that he has often shares with new Team Members when they ask him, “What’s it like to work at Team 1?” He will tell them, “If you show up to work every day and put your best foot forward with a positive attitude, you can go far in this company.” He said that he has noticed that one of the main problems that gets people into trouble is attendance – they just don’t show up to work. “Show up to work, and do your job, and you’re going to be fine.”

Random Question: If you could be an Olympic athlete, in what sport would you compete? Carlos replied, “Boxing.” Although he has never boxed, Carlos did admit that he has participated in some street fighting. “Boxing is a sport that I like to watch. I’m not going to play football. I’m not going to do golf – it’s boring. I’m not going to run track. Boxing is a contact sport so I think that would be more suitable for me.”

Contact Info

927 Elliott Road
Albion, Michigan 49224-9506

Phone: (517) 629-2178