Championship Dream History and The Preamble

Team 1 Plastics developed its Championship Dream in 1999 with input from all of its team members. It is similar to other companies’ mission or vision statements with a focus on customers and team members. To Team 1 Plastics, these are not just words on paper. It is how the company lives and breathes as it conducts its business.


Team 1 is dedicated to becoming a recognized leader in the supply of high quality, cost effective, plastic components. We are committed to continuously improving our processes while supplying quality product on time to support the smooth flow of our customers’ operations. We believe our success will be based on the diligent adherence to the following principles:

Customer Service Excellence

Team 1 wants to work with leading edge companies who understand the value of long-term partnerships. We will work together so that both companies understand the value of our products and services as they relate to the consumer. We believe every customer deserves the highest level of customer service. Our goal is to be “Your #1 Team In Customer Satisfaction.” We want to work with our customers to reduce bureaucracy, allow more responsibility and through teamwork continuously improve the performance of our partnership. Within Team 1, our customers will never hear: “We can not do that;” instead, they will hear: “Together we can make it happen.”

Proof of Team 1’s Customer Service Excellence

Team Member Success

Building an exceptional company is the result of building exceptional teams with exceptional people. We want people who are honest and demonstrate a high level of integrity, have an eagerness to learn, contribute to a safe work environment, and will value each person in a diverse work force. Team members must possess the moral courage to take the risks and seize opportunities required to make a difference. We recognize the importance of educating our team members on the financial performance of Team 1 and sharing in our success. Within Team 1, no one will ever hear: “It is not my job;” instead, they will hear: “How can I help get the job done?”

Proof of Team 1’s Team Member Success

Positive Community Member

Exceptional people benefit from supportive family environments and strong communities. We believe that Team 1 has an obligation to be a strong positive influence on our team members’ families and their communities. We strongly value the importance of continuous learning of our team members and their families with special emphasis on the children of our communities. We will support and encourage our team members’ volunteer activities. In addition, Team 1 will focus its financial contributions to the local community. Members of our families or communities will never hear: “It is not our problem;” instead, they will hear: “We will work together to make a positive difference.”

Proof of Team 1’s Positive Community Member

Freedom to Succeed

Team 1 believes in the American Free Enterprise System, which was founded on the principle of liberty. This system rewards sustainable profits to those companies that can continuously provide products valued in the marketplace. By committing ourselves to these ideals we believe that we will ensure our long-term profitability, which is the only reliable measurement of the success of a market driven company. Team 1 should be the vehicle by which our customers, our team members, our community, and our stockholders can easily see the advantage in working together to attain their goals. Those with a vested interest in Team 1 will never hear: “We do not have the freedom to make a difference;” instead they will hear: “We have the freedom to succeed.”

Proof of Team 1’s Freedom to Succeed