Charles Converse

||Charles Converse

Position: Tool Maintenance Technician II

Date of Hire: 01/27/02

Other Positions Held / Length of Each:  Captain – 10 years

Favorite Story / Memory during Time Working at Team 1: Charles said that he really enjoyed the Halloweens when the company invited kids to trick-or-treat in the plant. “They would come in all dressed up and parade through the plant for us. And, we handed out candy.” In preparation for the event, the Team Members decorated the plant. Charles said he really liked the decorating the machines. “It was a lot of fun!”

How has Team 1 helped your Personal and/or Professional Development? “I’ve learned a lot about plastics over the years.” Charles said that Team 1 Plastics helped him in his education by paying for the classes he took at Kellogg Community College. He chose to take classes that directly related to his job – learning about things like plastic injection and the different characteristics of plastics. Charles is just a couple of years away from retirement. Reflecting on his time at Team 1, he said, “It’s been a nice company to work for.”

Favorite Aspect of Working at Team 1: When he was a Captain on the Production floor, Charles worked a 12-hour shift which he said was his favorite aspect about working at Team 1. “I used to love the hours because you had three days on with four days off, and then four days on with three days off.  You could take a vacation when you were done with your 12 hours. I used to take off and fly to Texas on my days off.”

What do you want to share about your life outside of Team 1? Charles said that he loves to ride motorcycles. He has taken several long-distance trips on his motorcycle, visiting states like Tennessee, North Dakota, and Oklahoma. He and wife, Karen, like working in the yard at their home, tending their many flower gardens, and playing with their 10 grandchildren. Ice fishing, walking the dogs, and just relaxing in their boat are some of the others things that they enjoy doing together.

Piece of Advice and/or Encouragement for Future Team 1 Team Members: “I’ve been encouraging the younger Team Members that they need to go on to school. School has become a critical thing. When I started in the industry, you could start at the bottom and work your way to the top. You could reach wherever you wanted to go. That’s not the way anymore. You’ve got to have some schooling.” He added, “You’re either an asset or a liability. And the greater the asset you are to the company, the farther you’re going to go.”

Random Question: Best color of jelly bean – Charles replied, “The pink strawberry ones.” But, he added, laughing, “I like all the flavors. It’s my downfall! There is no favorite here!”

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