Profile of Team Member – Craig Clem

“Building an exceptional company is the result of building exceptional teams with exceptional people.”
Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the mobility industry, has been and continues to be a successful company because of our exceptional team. Today, we will introduce one of these exceptional people, Craig Clem, as we continue a series of articles profiling our team members.

Name: Craig Clem

Current Position: Tooling Maintenance Specialist V

Other Positions Held: Tooling Maintenance Specialist III

Date of Hire: 8/21/2017

What is your favorite story or memory during your time working at Team 1?
It’s Red Shirt Fridays that Craig said is his favorite story.  Started at Team 1 Plastics a year ago when his buddy, Geoffrey “Rudy” Martin, was deployed overseas in Afghanistan, Red Shirt Friday honors all the active reserve and active military servicemen and women.  Team Members wear a red Team 1 Plastics shirt and gather together under the American flag to take a picture which Craig posts on social media. “I really enjoy Fridays!  Every Friday, I come in here, and everybody’s got their red shirt on, and everybody wants to get the picture taken and put on social media.  It’s cool how it’s caught on.  It has made us tighter as a group.”

How has Team 1 helped your personal and/or professional development?
“I think personally, working at Team 1 has helped me quite a bit.  I’ve gone through some hard times in my life, including the loss of my folks, which has made me want to share more.”  Craig explained that he has been able to share his experiences and life lessons with his co-worker, Jadon Austin. “We work together 40 hours a week and have a good relationship.  He’s a young guy, and I know what it’s like to be there.  It makes me feel good to help him with personal things and little stuff that I have struggled with.”  Craig added that the entire Maintenance Department is a tight group which constantly helps each other out.

What is your favorite aspect of working at Team 1?
“I like working here. I like the people I work with, and I like what I do.”  Craig said that he especially likes the challenge of working on the molds for the plastic injection presses.  “When tools are broken, and we’ve got to try to figure out how to fix them, I love that!  It’s a great feeling of accomplishment after we fix those tools and get them back out on the floor to watch them run and know that they’re running right and making good parts.”  Craig also appreciates that Team 1 Plastics is interested in each Team Member as a person.  “I’ve worked for some really big organizations where you’re just a number, and people shuffle in and out.  Here, they care about what’s going on in your life.”  He mentioned the recent opportunity he had to bring his daughter and her robotics team to Team 1 to work on their competition robot.  “That the company would even consider allowing that is a big deal!”

What do you want to share about your life outside of Team 1?
“I love motorcycles.  I have two Harleys.  One I bought in 1994 which is a Harley Heritage.  The other is a 2004 Ultra Classic which has a radio and is made for cruising.”  He said that his wife “calls my older bike, My Single Guys Bike, and will only ride it if the other bike is in the shop getting something done.”  Besides being married, Craig has two sons, three daughters, and nine grandkids.  He said that “it’s pretty cool if you’ve got kids that look like you, but when the grandkids look like you, it’s even more cool!”  Craig also spends a lot of time working at the Hell Creek Campground, in Hell, Michigan, a RV campground owned by the car organization of which he is a member.  He said that the campground, which has 100 sites, is open to the public during the camping season.  The amenities include an Olympic-size pool and a little fishing pond that kids can use.

Do you have any advice and/or encouragement for future Team 1 team members?
Craig’s advice to a future Team Member is “You’ve got to be a team player.  We help each other here.  That’s a big thing.  If you can make somebody else’s job easier, that’s what you should be doing.  If you think it’s all about you, you’re not going to make it.”  He then gave an example.  “If you see a piece of paper laying there, you should pick it up – that’s how I look at it.  Don’t leave it there for the next person to come along to get it.”

Now for a totally random question:
What was your favorite thing to do during recess as a kid?
“We played kickball when I was a kid. That was fun!”  When asked if his favorite part of the game was being the pitcher, Craig responded, “Not so much.”  Then he added enthusiastically, “I just liked kicking the ball!”

Contact Info

927 Elliott Road
Albion, Michigan 49224-9506

Phone: (517) 629-2178