Position: Sales Development Manager

Date of Hire: 8/23/2010

Favorite Story / Memory during Time Working at Team 1: Dave shared a story about the time that he and Craig Carrel were visiting a potential customer for an introductory meeting. During the conversation, the customer communicated that they were having difficulty getting acceptable parts from a prototype mold that they were running in house. Dave said, “They needed a high-pressure mold to run this part, and we thought we had the equipment in our shop and that we could run it better.” Half-jokingly, Dave and Craig suggested that they load up the mold in Craig’s vehicle and take it back to Team 1 and try it out. Surprising both Craig and Dave, the customer replied, “That’s not too crazy of an idea!” So that’s what they did. At the conclusion of the meeting, they drove Craig’s vehicle to the loading dock, put the mold into the trunk, and drove it back to Albion. Over the next few days, Team 1 ran trials, adjusted the mold, and produced acceptable parts. And, the rest of the story … “We ended up getting the production business!”

How has Team 1 helped your Personal and/or Professional Development? Before coming to Team 1 Plastics, Dave worked for MPC, Inc. as Sales Manager for its General Motors (GM) Unit. In 2010, he made his way to Team 1 Plastics. Dave said, “Team 1 has given me a great opportunity to be part of a growing company right here in Michigan, and it has provided a positive atmosphere to allow me to help contribute to that growth.”

Favorite Aspect of Working at Team 1: Due to the nature of his job, most of the time, Dave works remotely from his home or is on the road. About once every week or two, he spends a day at Team 1’s plant. Dave said that through the time spent at Team 1 and through his daily interaction with Team Members through phone calls and emails, he’s been able to get to know the Team Members well and has a sense of the flavor of the company’s atmosphere and culture. He appreciates that Team 1 Plastics has a “…family atmosphere and a positive culture where each person’s input is respected and appreciated.” He added, “The ownership is engaged in the business; they are passionate about it, and I think that drives the culture. Just the way they handle themselves and conduct themselves in meetings shows a lot of respect towards the employees. That’s a good thing!”

What do you want to share about your life outside of Team 1? Dave has two adult children, a son and a daughter, who are finishing their college studies and entering the workforce. He enjoys travelling and getting together regularly with good friends and family. He also enjoys almost anything outdoors – sports, boating, fishing. Dave said that he likes to supports worthy causes, such as Habitat for Humanity, both with financial support and as a volunteer. “If anybody asks me for help, I’m usually available or make myself available, especially if it is for something that I feel real passionate about.”

Piece of Advice and/or Encouragement for Future Team 1 Team Members: Dave said that the automotive plastics industry is a “tough and competitive business.” Then, he shared some principles that he uses in his life, “Maintain a positive attitude, have a strong work ethic, and try to add value each day.” The result of following this advice is that “You will be successful, and hopefully, will give Team 1 Plastics a competitive edge which we can all benefit from.”

Random Question: Creamer in your coffee? If so, what flavor is best? Dave replied that he does use creamer in his coffee, preferring “plain regular creamer. In fact, most of the time, I use just 2% milk.” If he’s at a coffee shop, it’s normally the regular creamer that is added to his coffee. But, he did admit that he will occasionally venture to French vanilla.

Contact Info

927 Elliott Road
Albion, Michigan 49224-9506

Phone: (517) 629-2178