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Team 1 Plastics is Innovative

Team 1 Plastics is committed to continuously improving its processes while supplying quality product on time to support the smooth flow of its customers’ operations. This focus on continuous improvement ensures that the company’s injection molding is of the highest quality at the lowest cost.

The following are some examples of time and money-saving innovations:

  • Team 1 Plastics has more than 15 years of experience in developing automated molding cells and incorporating the latest in plastic injection molding automation equipment. This experience combined with cross-trained Team Members saves over 40% versus manual operations. In addition, automation has dramatically reduced handling damage to the parts as well as errors associated with manual labor.
  • Team 1 Plastics developed its own production monitoring system, called ProMon, that has allowed a paperless production and quality system on the manufacturing floor. ProMon is an electronic production data management tool that combines production information tracking, electronic document control and distribution, scrap recording, lot control, and other key functions at a central control panel at each molding machine. Since it was internally developed, ProMon is specifically designed for Team 1’s systems and can easily be updated for more efficiency.
  • Team 1 Plastics is a leader in supply chain solutions that include customer order entry, returnable packaging, packaging design to minimize part damage, custom labeling, and day or night shipments via customer milk runs or Team 1’s own fleet of vehicles. Bar code scanning equipment allows the company to electronically compare the customers’ releases to ensure shipment accuracy. (99.999% correct shipping average) These tools enable Team 1 to provide accurate, on-time quality parts to meet the customers’ needs.
  • An Open Book financial system was implemented in 1999 so that all Team Members have the information needed to act like owners in their jobs because if employees do not know the score of the game (company profitability), then they have a hard time knowing how to win. The Open Book Bonus Program allows everyone in the company to focus on a common financial goal. Obvious milestones and regular updates help guide the Team Members and the company toward financial success.
  • Team 1 Plastics utilizes an activity-based costing model that is regularly updated to provide the most accurate data possible to calculate costs. This model allows the company to accurately charge its customers for each part based on over 12 cost factors. It is also instrumental in identifying key areas for improvements and cost reduction activities.

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