Team 1 Plastics is Reliable

Team 1 Plastics is proud that its customers can count on it to be a reliable and strategic partner. Team 1 wants to work with its customers to reduce bureaucracy, allow more responsibility, and through teamwork, continuously improve the performance of the partnership.

  • Team 1 Plastics conducts an annual Customer Satisfaction Survey to collect valuable feedback on how it is performing. The most recent results indicate that Customer Satisfaction is high. 100% of Customers would recommend Team 1 Plastics to other plastic components buyers.
  • Team 1 Plastics believes that the best measure of the value it places on its Team Members is the focus on a safe work environment. Valuing the safety of its Team Members means that Team 1 Plastics achieved a record of 5,721 consecutive days without a lost time accident — that was more than 15 years! Protecting its team is the top priority at Team 1 Plastics.

Team 1 Plastics’ Safety Performance

Last Lost Time Accident 11-19-2017
Number of Days Since Last Lost Time Accident
Number of Years
Safety Record – (10-20-2000 through 06-18-2016) 5,721 days
Number of Years 15.6
  • Team 1 Plastics is committed to building exceptional teams with exceptional people. Proof that Team 1 Plastics treats its Team Members well is evidenced by the average length of service of its employees. The average length of service is more than 4-1/2 years for the hourly staff and 11 years for its Management team. Longevity and commitment to Team 1 Plastics means that experienced and dedicated plastic molders work on the customers’ projects, and customers will not be absorbing training costs associated with turnover when working with Team 1 Plastics.
  • Choosing a business partner is serious business. Team 1 wants to work with leading-edge companies who understand the value of long-term partnerships and the value of Team 1’s products and services. 95% of Team 1 Plastics’ business is with customers with whom Team 1 has been working with for at least five years.
  • Using only its own cash resources, Team 1 Plastics survived a 60% market decrease during the economic downturn of 2008-2009. Because of its long-term financial strength, Team 1 Plastics has the resources available to handle order increases and new or transfer projects without delay.
  • Team 1 knows what it does well and focuses its energies on those products and services. It efficiently manages complexities and focuses on smaller tonnage plastics manufacturing (less than 400 tons) so customers can better utilize their resources on larger products. With a wide variety of machine capabilities, Team 1’s current molding capacity ranges from 25 tons to 320 tons.

Contact Info

927 Elliott Road
Albion, Michigan 49224-9506

Phone: (517) 629-2178