Position: Part-time Assembly Assistant

Date of Hire: 08/25/2013

Other Positions Held / Length of Each: This is Marife’s second employment period with Team 1 Plastics. She previously worked at the company for 11-1/2 years (from 1997 to 2008) in several different positions including Packager, Production Assistant, and Team Coach.

Favorite Story / Memory during Time Working at Team 1: Each year, Team 1 Plastics has a summer outing for its Team Members. Marife’s favorite memory is from the time that the event was a trip to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. “The company rented a bus, and all of us were in the bus, and it was really nice.” She said that she enjoyed riding the Sky Ride which moves you from the front of the amusement park to the middle section. What she wouldn’t ride were the rollercoasters, even though her Team Members encouraged her to try them. “I never ride on a rollercoaster. I’m scared of them. That was the first time I’d seen one. We don’t have them in the Philippines, and I saw all of those people screaming, and I told my Team Members, ‘I’ll just watch you guys!’”

How has Team 1 helped your Personal and/or Professional Development? Marife said that Team 1 “helps us to broaden our knowledge in whatever we want in our lives. You don’t have to be stuck in one area. If you want to learn more, you just keep learning more with their help.” She specifically mentioned a basic computers class that Team 1 provided her and several of the Team Members. She said that a professor from Kellogg Community College came to Team 1 and taught an on-site computer class. “That was the best help that Team 1 could give us. It helped us with our knowledge of computers.”

Marife also said that Team 1 has been a huge help to her and her family. “If it was not for this job, I wouldn’t be able to help my family in the Philippines. I have supported them and sent my youngest brother to college – he’s an engineer now – and I was able to send my five nephews to college.”

Favorite Aspect of Working at Team 1: Marife said that she loves everything about Team 1. “I just love to go to work. We’re just like one whole family. It’s the best!” She said that she appreciates the variety of positions that she’s had over the years. “I love everything because I’ve worked in almost every department except Maintenance and in the office because you have to go to school for that.”

What do you want to share about your life outside of Team 1? Marife is married. She and her husband have one adult son who is married and lives in New York. She only works part time at Team 1 Plastics because she also works at Albion College in the food service department. Marife helps beautify the Albion community by planting flowers in its public spaces, and she occasionally goes to the Senior Citizens’ exercise classes because “my husband is old enough to be a senior citizen.”

Piece of Advice and/or Encouragement for Future Team 1 Team Members: Marife said that she is constantly telling people that Team 1 Plastics “is the best place to work!” And, she said that is always trying to recruit employees. “Every time I see somebody who is a good worker, like at Albion College, I tell them, ‘Why not apply at Team 1?’ I am proud of where I work.”

Random Question: What was your favorite toy growing up? Marife said that her family in the Philippines was very poor, and her parents could not afford to buy toys for them. “Life was so hard, but I remember when I was a little girl, I had one doll. I don’t know how big the doll was, but I had that one for a long time. I treasured it until my two other sisters had it. I had to make sure that everybody would enjoy it. I loved her because she had hair and blue eyes.”

Contact Info

927 Elliott Road
Albion, Michigan 49224-9506

Phone: (517) 629-2178