Team 1 Plastics Buries Time Capsule

In a final celebration event of its 30th Anniversary, Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the transportation industry, buried a time capsule on Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

Co-owners Gary Grigowski and Craig Carrel began the brief ceremony by sharing a few words. Then, each took a turn throwing a shovel-full of dirt unto the time capsule. Also participating in the ceremony by taking a turn with the shovels were five long-time Team Members, each hired in the 1990s: Shelley Lewis, Tammy Dowding, Wanda Manthei, Susan (Susie) Muma, and David (Dave) Sanford.

Team 1 used a material barrel for the time capsule, which will be opened on November 21, 2047. Items inside the time capsule included a scrapbook containing pictures of Team 1’s history, the owners and their families, and current Team Members, predictions of what the Team Members think 2047 will be like, current and past newspaper clippings, current automobile industry magazines, pictures of current day Albion, and a signed Championship Dream banner.

The official date of Team 1 Plastics’ 30th anniversary is December 1, 2017, but the company has been celebrating through the whole year of 2017. Each month, different milestones of the company’s history have been featured on the News section of the company website and on social media. In April 2017, the Team Members celebrated together in an event that was held at both the Bohm Theater and the Ludington Center. And, Team 1 has also been sponsoring a fund-raising campaign, designating 30% of all funds to go to Starr Commonwealth’s Resilient Communities and the other 70% of funds to go to Team 1’s fund with the Albion Community Foundation. The burying of the time capsule is the final Celebration event.

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