Team 1 Plastics Increases Capacity Again!

Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the transportation industry, has stayed focused on growth, despite recent challenges in the market.  Following the COVID-19 pandemic, these challenges included transitions to electric vehicles, supply chain instability, and most recently the United Auto Workers strike.  Team 1 has fought against the odds: seeing record sales, adding new customers, and securing growth on the production floor.

In 2021, Team 1 installed its first 450-Ton molding machine; a move that would help them to eliminate outsourcing of larger tonnage parts, while also providing backup capacity if needed.  That first 450-ton Sodick Horizontal Injection Molding Machine was just the beginning of Team 1’s growth, initiating a new level of capabilities for the company.  As sales continued to grow, so did the company’s production floor.  In January of this year, Team 1 saw the delivery of a second 450-ton Sodick, which started running production in early March.  Then earlier this month, the company’s fleet grew by one more with the delivery of a third 450-ton Sodick molding machine.  According to Plant Manager Dave Sanford, this new machine “is the exact same as the last 2 new 450-ton Sodicks we brought in.  This new one just gives us a little more capacity for a program that is kicking off in February.”


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