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“Building an exceptional company is the result of building exceptional teams with exceptional people.”
Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the transportation industry, has been and continues to be a successful company because of our exceptional teams. Today, we will introduce one of these exceptional teams, the Information Technology Department, as we continue a series of articles profiling our departments.

Department Name: Information Technology (IT)

Department Manager: Josh Nye

IT Team Members: IT Manager Josh Nye

How does the IT Department support Team 1 Plastics as a whole?
Information Technology (IT) Manager Josh Nye explains how vital this department is to Team 1 Plastics.  “IT is basically in every department.  There isn’t really anything we do anymore that doesn’t require an internet connection.  Using software in every department can be tough at times because you need to know the ‘ins and outs’ of how a small change might impact other departments.”   For example, a change to the Maintenance Department could drastically impact how Production works.

How does the IT Department support Team 1’s customers?
From a Production standpoint, IT is vital when printing and shipping labels.  At Team 1, the IT department is purely geared toward plastic parts and making those parts ship to the customer in a timely manner.  Josh is enthusiastic about Team 1’s ability to stay accessible to their customers.  “I think our IT department is trying to stay ahead of the game, seeing that we use Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud services.  Our focus on automation and our ability to easily access things remotely definitely gives us an advantage.”

Briefly describe a typical workday in the IT Department.
Describing a “typical” day in the IT Department can be a difficult task, as every day presents new challenges.  The initial priority each day should be running through system checks and asking questions such as: “Does Production seem to be in working order?” and “Do emails indicate anything major going on?”  After those priority system checks, the “typical” day for the IT Department can be anything but predictable.  “You never know what’s going to break, or who’s going to call, or who will knock on your door,” Josh explains.  “I might be 1000 lines deep into a code I am troubleshooting, and I have to drop it for something that breaks.  Sometimes weeks will go by that have not gone as planned.”

Describe how the IT Department has solved a specific problem at Team 1.
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, it changed the way the world did business.   Many companies were forced to work from home and Team 1 Plastics was no exception.  In a matter of one business day, the company had to make the transition to virtual: sending almost half of their office staff to work from home.  For the IT Department, this meant getting those now-virtual Team Members up-to-speed with the technology and knowledge needed to do business from home.  To their advantage, Team 1 had begun implementing Microsoft Office 365 in 2018, which helped expedite the process of fully transitioning to virtual in about 3 business days.

What is a recent noteworthy accomplishment of the IT Department?
Transition so easily into Microsoft Office 365 for the pandemic was a huge win for Team 1.  “Luckily we were playing around with it already,” Josh explains.  “As a whole company we were able to get on board with this early.  Within a handful of hours, we went from talking about it to full implementation.  I am proud of having the infrastructure in place to pull that off.”

What is something the IT Department is particularly proud of?
Despite not wanting to “toot his own horn,” Josh proudly shared, “It would certainly be the pride of transitioning to virtual in one day.  This is just not heard of with other businesses.  Having those crazy hours for 2-3 days to get everyone up and running was hard.  After it was all set and done, I felt very accomplished to pull it off in that time frame.”

What are the IT Department’s current goals?
Team 1’s IT Department is currently focused on two business goals: cybersecurity and Power BI.  In regard to cybersecurity, Josh says, “It involves heavy lifting for me.  I have been here eight years, and each year it takes up more of my time.  The threat matrix out there is constantly evolving.  What we do today will be different 12 months from now and what we did 12 months ago is much different than what we do today.” 

Team 1 Plastics Power BI Dashboard

Power BI is a company-wide program that will be Team 1’s “next step” with Microsoft Office 365.  A big undertaking, Power BI provides live data to the management team about important plant statistics.   “It allows the user to see the data and access it how they want to and gives them power at their fingertips,” Josh describes. “Microsoft AI can pull out trends for you and ultimately, we are trying to get more data into the hands of the users.  The more data I can give the user, it saves time and is more efficient.”

Department Random Poll:
Early-bird or Night-owl?
Josh would not consider himself as either an early-bird or a night-owl.  “Honestly, I think I could go either way.  I require about 7-8 hours of sleep, and I am good to go.  So, I would title myself as “Regimented.”

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