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Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the mobility industry, believes that “Building an exceptional company is the result of building exceptional teams with exceptional people.” Today continues a series of articles profiling Team 1 Plastics’ teams – its Departments. Meet the Warehouse Department.

Name of Department: Warehouse

The Warehouse Department consists of four Team Members: a Warehouse Captain, two Warehouse Assistants, and a Truck Driver. As the name implies, the Warehouse team is responsible to maintain the inventory of parts that the company produces, ensuring that they are stored safely and efficiently. The team is also responsible to pull parts from the inventory to fill customer orders and to prepare them for shipping. Some of the shipments will be delivered directly to the customers by Team 1. Others will be shipped via a third-party. In addition, the Warehouse team also serves as the Receiving department for Team 1 Plastics.

How does your Department support Team 1’s Customers? Tammy Dowding, Warehouse Captain, said that striving for 100% on-time delivery and being able to meet the customers’ special requests are the best ways that the Warehouse Team supports the customers. She said that customers will often contact Team 1 and ask for special shipping arrangements or to increase the number of parts in their original order. Having an adequate supply of parts in the Warehouse and having the Team Members work on different shifts ensures that Team 1 is able to meet these requests.

How does your Department support Team 1? Dowding said that the Warehouse Team supports Team 1 by ensuring deliveries are accurate and on time. She gave two examples of ways that they accomplish this.

When a part is running behind in the production schedule, the Warehouse team will go to the Production area and retrieve parts directly off the injection molding press to avoid short shipping (shipping a smaller quantity of parts than was ordered).

The second example was that the Warehouse Team sometimes discovers labeling errors or wrong quantity of parts in boxes ready for shipment simply because the weight of the box is unusual. “When you handle the parts so much, you know which boxes are heavy and which aren’t.” If a box’s weight seems abnormal, they will investigate and take corrective action as needed.

Describe a typical work day in your Department. Having several different positions in the Warehouse Department, the typical work day is different for each of the Team Members. Yet, they all help each other and work together in ensuring that shipments are delivered on time. Dowding said that communication is the key, and they are constantly telling each other what tasks they have completed and are working on next.

Dowding’s role as Warehouse Captain includes the Receiving function for Team 1. The company receives in things like material for production and PCs (purchase components) for assembly. She verifies that the shipments received are accurate, logs them into the computer system, and labels the boxes. She also spends a lot of her day in email communication with customers, providing them with information such as weights and dimensions of skids being shipped, so that the correct paperwork can be produced to accompany the shipments.

The Warehouse Assistants, Wanda Manthei and Edshuna Holmes, spend the majority of their work day manually moving produced parts – both into and out of storage – as they fill customer orders and prepare parts for shipment. They typically work at least a day ahead, readying Monday’s shipments on Friday.

Team 1’s Truck Driver, Greg Wood, loads the truck each morning and delivers parts to local customers in Battle Creek and Portage, Michigan. He also routinely picks up packing supplies from local vendors.

Share an example of a problem/challenge that your Department encountered and how you solved it. Dowding said that an extra box of parts was accidentally shipped to a customer. After realizing the mistake, Dowding said that the Team took corrective action to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. “Now if something isn’t right, we physically count how many boxes are in a shipment, making sure everything matches up with the paperwork.” She added that if we scan and remove parts off of a shipment, we make sure that we immediately put those parts back in their correct location in the Warehouse.

What is One Noteworthy Accomplishment by your Department in the recent past? On-time delivery has been a point of emphasis for Team 1 in the past few years, and it’s the improvement of Team 1’s on-time delivery percentage that Dowding said is the Department’s noteworthy accomplishment. So far in 2019, Team 1 has recorded three months of 100% on-time deliveries. Its only month not at 100% is April, which is currently at 99.8%.

What are the Current Goals for your Department? “To keep shipping at 100% all year and to keep our customers satisfied” are the two goals that Dowding mentioned.

What does your Department take pride in? Being efficient in getting the trucks in and out,” Dowding said referring to third-party freight vehicles. She explained, “As soon as trucks back in, we try to get them loaded or unloaded – to get them right out of here.”

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