Team 1 Plastics Recognizes Brenda Eubank for Five Years of Outstanding Marketing Efforts

What started out as a perceived “really good fit for me” at the time she accepted the job with Team 1 Plastics in September 2015, turned out to be an opportunity for Brenda Eubank to build two families over the next nearly-five years.

First and foremost, her personal family grew by several grandbabies during those years that the flexible part time, work-from-home position as Marketing Assistant gave her the ability each time to take a week off and help the newborn and their parents get adjusted to each other. At the same time, Eubank says, “At Team 1, there really isn’t much conflict, everybody feels like they are like a real family. The company and the bosses treat everyone so well. It’s unique and special.”

Having had just completed work on her bachelor’s degree in creative writing and journalism at Olivet College, Eubank soon learned that she really loved writing feature stories as she assumed her duties at Team 1. And the several weddings she had coordinated for friends and relatives had built within her the skills she would tap when the time came to plan and execute special events for Team 1.

In this time of the coronavirus pandemic when so many others across the country are by necessity making the shift to working remotely, Eubank can relay that for herself, “Ninety-five percent of the time, it was okay.” During her tenure with Team 1, which ended this May when she left to take a full-time position at a church, working from her home in Battle Creek was a problem only very occasionally. “If we had a new marketing video playing on the television in the facility’s lobby, I would need to have someone else look at it for me to check if it all made sense,” Brenda recounts. “And I sometimes wished I could be there in person to make sure that when signage with a customer’s logo was delivered [that was to be displayed to welcome them when they visited], it was all correct.”

What Eubank says she enjoyed most about working with Team 1 “was the cooperation of the Team members, which grew over the years as we built trust in each other. If someone had an issue because their schedule had changed, they’d let me know and I could make adjustments. The Marketing Team – Michelle Nielsen, [former Team member] Kari Masternak, and Craig Carrel – was great support, and we never had a conflict. Our yearly multi-team ‘brainstorming’ meetings [to generate ideas for articles to post on the website and social media] might start slowly, but then the ideas would start coming and the momentum got going. People would come up to me later with other ideas and that was the pinnacle of knowing how well it worked. That’s the community thing I loved so much!”

Eubanks says that her favorite blog articles to write were definitely the Team Member Profile stories because through those interviews, she got to hear the culture of Team 1. “It was a little more challenging sometimes to get the guys to share when I was doing interviews for the profiles. But eventually I would get the ‘Team 1 is a family,’ the ‘bosses and the company treats everyone so well.’ So even the least talkative spoke about how Team 1 was a unique place to work. I so appreciate the opportunity they gave me. My time there always felt like such a great fit with my skills!”

May 2016 was the time of Eubank’s very favorite memory of her years associated with Team 1 Plastics: that was when the company unveiled the newly completed 3500 square foot addition to their Albion facility, which houses its Maintenance Department. In celebration, then-Albion mayor Joe Domingo took part in a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and two open houses were held, one for its customers and one for its community.

“When we were planning the customer open house to show off the new Maintenance Department addition, we realized that the Team’s families and kids had never been in to tour the facility, so we planned a second open house for them – on the same day!” Eubanks recounts. “Team members volunteered to be the tour guides, and it was so much fun to see them become comfortable doing it. They practiced, they made themselves note cards. The pride and the ownership the eight Team members who participated took in being good guides – especially for the family and community event – was amazing.”

There are two aspects of Team 1 that Eubank believe make it really stand out. “First is their company culture. For the owners [Craig Carrel and Gary Grigowski] family really is first. I’ve heard that story over and over from the Team, that they know that if somethings happens in their family, they’ll get the support they need. Second, for a small company of 75 employees, they don’t act like a small company, don’t have a small company mentality. They are leaders in the industry and get attention in its national organizations and publications. It intrigues me that I don’t know how that happened,” Eubank marvels.

She reveals that she was surprised when she heard that she’d be receiving special recognition for her years of service to Team 1. “Craig is so generous with his praise all the time, that I felt like ‘aw, shucks, you don’t need to do that!’ Team 1 always treated me as a Team member, even though, technically, I was a vendor. But he always told me that I was one of the Team. Plus, the event gave me a chance to really say, ‘good-bye,’ even though we couldn’t hug.”

At the event, which was held October 30 at the Team 1 facility, in addition to a card signed by many of her teammates (which also contained a gift card), Brenda Eubank was given a plaque. It read “In recognition of your outstanding contributions to Team 1 Plastics marketing efforts from August 2015 to May 2020, and was signed by Craig Carrel, President and Gary Grigowski, VP.

Carrel’s own personal wording about Eubank and her work for the company? “Stellar!”

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