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Team 1 Plastics is pleased to periodically feature Guest Bloggers to share their perspectives of the plastics industry on Plastics Pipeline. We thank today’s Guest Blogger, Anthony (Tony) Masternak of Panalpina, Inc., one of Team 1’s quality freight suppliers.

“Every company is looking at optimal ways to reduce costs and maintain a very lean supply chain,” said Anthony (Tony) Masternak, Vice President and Business Unit Manager for the Cincinnati/Columbus office of Panalpina, Inc. “What motivates me is customer satisfaction and being able to bring solutions to the customer to improve not only their supply chain, but ultimately reduce cost as well.”

Panalpina, Inc. is one of the world’s leaders in end-to-end global supply chain solutions, operating in 70 countries with more than 500 offices worldwide, and 15,000+ employees. According to its website, “The company combines its core products of Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Logistics to deliver globally integrated, tailor-made end-to-end solutions,” focusing on twelve core industries, including Manufacturing – the category into which Team 1 Plastics fits.

Through Masternak, Panalpina, Inc. has had a relationship with Team 1 Plastics for almost three years. “We have been able to support Team 1 by lowering its international and domestic freight costs,” said Masternak. “By using our buying power with our core ocean operators and airlines, we have been able to reduce Team 1’s transportation costs on inbound shipments from Europe and Asia, as well as reducing overnight costs to Laredo, Texas, and other points in the U.S.”

What makes Panalpina unique, said Masternak, who has been with the company for almost seven years, is the Panalpina Controlled Network (PCN). “Since 1990, Panalpina has been the only major freight forwarding company to offer its Charter Network for air freight. It is a unique asset that differentiates Panalpina from all other large freight forwarders. The network uses leased and chartered aircraft to guarantee capacity and is structured to handle express and special shipments.”

Accounting for approximately 15% of Panalpina’s air freight each year, one of the biggest benefits to the PCN is control, according to Masternak. “For example, when handling temperature-sensitive cargo for healthcare customers, Panalpina not only controls aircraft on specific routes, but the company designs and oversees processes on the ground as well, ensuring the best possible control from door-to-door.” The network also enables Panalpina to route some of its flights to suit customers’ requirements if the cargo volume is large enough.

“Of course, each customer is different with different supply chains,” Masternak said. “We greatly appreciate the support that we get from Team 1 and hope that Team 1 feels the same. Team 1 is a loyal customer and trusts us to perform on behalf of its company to make sure its customers receive its products in a timely and cost-effective way. Panalpina has benefited from its partnership with Team 1 Plastics, and we want to continue our strong business relationship for the months and years to come.”

He continued, “For Team 1 Plastics, I believe that Panalpina has benefited it by using our network of core carriers and buying power to reduce its international and domestic transportation costs. Panalpina is a global company, and we are here to support Team 1 with any transportation or supply chain challenge that it needs. We have recently helped them on several shipments going to Laredo by offering the same transit time and reducing costs up to 200%.” Masternak added, “There have been multiple times where a line down situation has occurred, and we have developed a solution to help Team 1. In addition, we have referred several over-the-road truckers to Team 1 to use to handle its expedites and LTL [less than load] business, ultimately lowering its costs to move shipments by truck.”

Masternak concluded, “When you can come forth with a great solution to present to the customer, it feels great to not only help your company but also ultimately secure a long-term partnership with the customer.”

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