Red Shirt Fridays Supports Local Airman

Craig Clem, a Tool Maintenance Specialist at Team 1 Plastics, began wearing red shirts on Fridays as a way to honor and support his friend, Staff Sergeant Geoffrey Martin, who is currently serving overseas in Afghanistan.

Martin, a resident of Flint, Michigan, is an Aircrew Flight Equipment (AFE) Technician in the 171st Air Refueling Squadron Unit of the United States Air Force. According to Martin, “We are a KC-135 refueling unit. As AFE, I am responsible for the Aircrew’s oxygen and survival equipment on them (aircrew) and the aircraft. I am also responsible for their survival training.”

Martin, who has been in Afghanistan since January 11, 2019, has been in the military for 14 years. He is scheduled to return to his home base (Selfridge Air National Guard Base) in Michigan on March 23, 2019.

Clem said that he wears his red shirt every Friday to support Martin, whom he calls, “Rudy.” “I take a picture, write a short comment, and send them to him. Tell him that I’m proud of him and to be safe … I know he looks forward to hearing from me.”

Last Friday, February 15, 2019, other Team Members from Team 1 Plastics joined Clem in showing their support of Airman Martin by wearing their red shirts and taking a group picture under the American flag. Clem said, “Today, we got half the company to wear their red shirts. I just wanted to thank everyone who participated. It’s not easy when you are far from home.”

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