Team 1 Plastics Adds Second 450-Ton Molding Machine to Fleet

Team 1 Plastics’ first 450-Ton Sodick – installed in 2021.

Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the transportation industry, has stayed focused on growth, despite recent challenges in the market.  Between the COVID-19 pandemic, transitions within the market to electric vehicles, and supply chain instability, Team 1 has fought against the odds: seeing record sales, adding new customers, and securing growth on the production floor.

In 2021, Team 1 installed its first 450-Ton molding machine; a move that would help them to eliminate outsourcing of larger tonnage parts, while also providing backup capacity if needed.  That first 450-Ton Sodick Horizontal Injection Molding Machine was just the beginning of Team 1’s growth, initiating a new level of capabilities for the company.


Team 1’s newest 450-Ton Sodick molding machine, installed on January 12, 2023.

Last week, Team 1’s second 450-Ton Sodick made its way to the company’s production floor.  Team 1’s Plant Manager Dave Sanford explains why the company has begun adding larger molding machines to their fleet.  “The growth in this class shows that our customers needed a molder in this range, and it was a good business decision to increase our range to 450T.”  Team 1’s President and Co-Owner Craig Carrel adds, “We continue to see growing sales and will continue to have financial resources to add capital, so that we may meet our customers’ needs.” 

Below are some photos of the newest molding machine being delivered to Team 1 Plastics on January 12.  Additional photos can be seen in the Team 1 YouTube video titled “DELIVERY DAY! New 450-Ton Molding Machine.”

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Craig Carrel and Dave Sanford both agree that the future of Team 1 Plastics looks to be a positive one.  Sanford shares, “We’ll be kicking off another 450T machine in the next month or two so that we have it ready to go by the end of the year for additional work that we have won.”  Carrel confidently adds, “We have new work coming in, we are constantly evaluating, and we see a big growth spurt in the next year or two.”  Be sure to keep an eye on Team 1’s website News Page and social media pages to see when the company’s next 450-Ton machine will arrive!

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