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Team 1 Plastics’ Team Member spinning Prize Wheel

Do you agree with this statement? Every employee appreciates the validation of a job well done.

How about this one? By rewarding your employees for a job well done, you can boost the morale within your work environment.

And this one? A happy employee tends to be a more productive team player.

All three statements are true, aren’t they? So, how are you rewarding your employees? How are you boosting their morale? What tools are you using to keep your employees happy?

One tool that Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the transportation industry, uses is a Prize Wheel. And they are not alone. According to prizewheels2go.com in its article, American Companies are Spinning Prize Wheels to Win Back Employee Morale, Prize wheels are “… popping up in offices around the nation.”

A reason for their popularity? HRDirect.com suggests that a prize wheel is “…perfect for celebrating shared success and reaching team goals.” You can “…use it to bring life to employee birthdays and anniversaries, company parties and much more. It’s a great way to get everyone motivated, involved and excited about improving performance and reaching higher!”

Team 1 Plastics invested in a prize wheel several years ago as a way to encourage attendance at its monthly Open Book meetings. Susan Muma, Controller for Team 1 Plastics said, “We were looking for ways to improve the attendance at our Team meetings. I saw an advertisement for a prize wheel and asked Team 1’s owners if we could buy one of these and try it for a while.” The owners agreed, and the prize wheel has “become an integral part of Team 1’s culture.”

According to Robert Clothier, Human Resource Manager at Team 1 Plastics, “The prize wheel is a unique way to increase participation, engagement, and attendance in our monthly open-book meetings where we share company financials. The meeting is voluntary, but we use it as a way to reward those who attend.”

Clothier explained how the prize wheel is used. “At the end of the open-book meetings, we randomly choose two team members who receive a spin after answering a Team 1 related question, such as explain the tuition reimbursement policy, or what are the four parts of the Championship Dream?, or who is our largest customer?”

The prizes on Team 1’s prize wheel have changed over the year. “Many years ago,” Clothier said, “the prizes were gift cards to local restaurants or stores. In 2016, we added a $100/8-hour PTO (paid time off) wedge to replace the $30 prize. Also in 2016, we added a birthday spin to the monthly meetings so that everybody with a birthday in that month gets a chance to spin.”

And the $100/8-hour PTO prize [winner chooses either $100 cash or 8 hours PTO] is the most coveted prize on the wheel according to every Team Member who participated in a brief survey about the prize wheel. The survey also revealed that the most common prizes won are between $5 and $20 cash.

How do the Team Members feel about the prize wheel? Sandy Bunker, Customer Service Assistant said, “It is awesome that Team 1 lets everyone that is a Team member get a Birthday Spin. You also get other opportunities to spin the wheel during monthly meeting upon guessing the right number and answering a question about Team 1.”

Kiera Carter, Human Resources Assistant, shared her feelings. “I personally think the prize wheel is like the icing on the cake during team meetings. Being able to know where we stand financially as a company is something that is unheard of and something that most companies keep very private. Team 1 shares all of that information so everyone has the opportunity to see how we excelled for the month or even when we lose for the month. Then you get a chance to spin the prize wheel if it’s your birthday month, and even if it isn’t your birthday month, you get a chance to spin and win up $100 bucks! It’s fantastic!

Of course, who doesn’t like to win a prize? Prizewheels2go.com also suggests that a prize wheel is a part of American culture. “Not only does the spinning wheel with bright color evoke a feeling of winning chances but the clicking sound associated with the wheel in action is a noise that is part of American culture. Wheel of Fortune is as much a part of our culture as apple pie, Chevrolet and Jeopardy!”

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