Team 1 Plastics Achieves 1500 Consecutive Safety Days

Team 1 Plastics believes that its focus on a safe work environment is the best measure of the value that it places on its Team Members.  Protecting the team will always be a top priority.  This focus has led the company to achieve safety milestones time and time again since they began business in 1987.

The Safety Performance table above can be found on Team 1’s Employment Page and displays the company’s current record as of today, April 26, 2022.  The table also shows the company’s all-time safety record at 5,721 days without a lost time accident – more than 15 years!


At the turn of the new year, Team 1 Plastics hit a major “safety milestone” of 1,500 consecutive days without a lost time accident.  Equivalent to just over 4 years, the company has not seen a lost time accident since November 2017.  Team 1’s Owners Craig Carrel and Gary Grigowski are proud of this accomplishment and stay grateful for the Team Members who continue to put safety as a top priority each day!

Due to COVID related restrictions, Team 1 has had to wait to celebrate their 1,500 Safety Days accomplishment until now.  This week, the company will hold a dual celebration to honor this safety milestone, while also recognizing their 2022 Best Places to Work award from Plastics News.  Team 1 has received this prestigious award eight of the past nine years.  Be sure to catch next week’s article highlighting the upcoming dual celebration!

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