Team 1 Plastics Announces New Operations Manager

Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the transportation industry, is pleased to announce that Dave Sanford is the company’s new Operations Manager. Sanford, who has been a valuable member of the company for more than 20 years, was most recently the company’s Quality Manager.

According to Robert Clothier, Human Resources Manager for Team 1 Plastics, the Operations Manager “oversees all aspects of the production process including health, safety, delivery, planning, equipment performance, costs, etc. The Operations Manager also tracks the competency of subordinates and develops standard operating procedures.”

Since June 2017, the Operations Manager position had been temporarily filled by Vice President and Co-owner, Gary Grigowski. In November 2018, the company announced internally that it would begin accepting applications for the position. Clothier said that two Team Members applied for the position.

He added that the company was looking for candidates with strong problem-solving skills and analytical capabilities, the proven ability to meet deadlines, and excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills – traits that Sanford possesses.

Sanford’s long-term experience with the company also impacted the decision. During his employment at Team 1 Plastics, he has worked in many different departments, including Production, Material Handling, Shipping and Receiving, Purchasing, Scheduling, and Quality. Clothier said, “Because Dave has worked in several different departments, he has a very broad understanding of how we operate and what needs to happen to run successfully.” He added, “He also did a great job with some production-related projects while the Operations Manager position was open.”

Sanford mentioned these projects during a recent email interview. “I helped in the operations role over the last year or two while it was vacant. We were able to make some good improvements with how we are operating.” He said that his previous roles with the company “provided me a good understanding of how individual departments impact one another and what it takes to have them come together and operate efficiently. It also highlighted areas that needed improvements to ensure we meet our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).” Sanford added, “I enjoy picking apart procedures and work flows and analyzing them to make them more efficient which, in turn, improves our overall operation.”

Sanford said that he is looking forward to the challenges of this new position, including “reducing our internal process interruptions, continuing to meet or beat our KPIs, maximizing our capacity utilization, and continuing to plan for growth. With the team that we have in place, I’m confident that we can overcome these challenges and continue to grow and improve as a company.”

Sanford concluded, “I’m very grateful that I have this opportunity, and that Team 1 has named me its Operations Manager.”

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