Team 1 Plastics’ Article Published in Plastics Business Magazine

Every marketing expert is telling you that your company needs to be utilizing social media on a consistent basis as part of your marketing strategy. Unfortunately, a lot of companies struggle with this. Plastics Business magazine recognized this struggle and asked Team 1 Plastics to write an article and share its “out of the box” marketing strategy with its readers.

The article entitled “Six Suggestions to Improve Social Media Marketing Efforts for B2B Businesses” was published in Plastics Business’ 2019 Issue 1 edition and tells about Team 1’s struggles and how it changed its approach to marketing in 2015.

After several years of inconsistency in posting to its social media sites, Team 1 Plastics made the decision to hire an outside contractor to help the company with its marketing, and the results have been exceptional. Annual hits to the company’s website from social media outlets have increased by almost 1000%.

Can your company experience these same types of results? Team 1 Plastics thinks so and offered these six practical tips in the article:

1. Review Your Website.

2. Commit Resources to Your Marketing Effort.

3. Collect Content.

4. Use a Scheduling Tool to Post to Social Media.

5. Reuse Written Content for Your Email Marketing.

6. Try Sponsored Content on LinkedIn.

Use this link to read the entire article on Plastics Business’ website.

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