Team 1 Plastics Contributes to Local Music Festival

In 1999, with input from all team members, Team 1 Plastics adopted their Championship Dream.  This written agreement, similar to a mission statement, entails “how the company lives and breathes as they do business” and includes four core values: Customer Service Excellence, Team Member Success, Freedom to Succeed, and Positive Community Member.

Team 1 holds true to being a Positive Community Member by putting their donations and volunteer efforts toward organizations and events within the local communities of Jackson and Calhoun counties.  Some of those donations and volunteer efforts include Public Schools, Junior Achievement, Starr Commonwealth, Albion Chamber of Commerce, South Michigan Food Bank, Albion Community Foundation, and local community events.


logoTeam 1 Plastics recently continued their role as Positive Community Members by contributing to the first-ever Black Squirrel Bluegrass and Americana Music Festival.  This free community event was hosted by Albion Malleable Brewing Company over the weekend on Saturday, June 11.  Known as “The Malleable” to locals, their mission has always been “to grow the community of Albion, Michigan through an enduring business that provides our guests with great food, great beer and great service.”  In 2019, staff at The Malleable began planning this music festival to take place in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic the event had to be postponed.  This year, with the opportunity to once again hold a large community gathering, they were excited to finally bring their idea to life.

The Black Squirrel Bluegrass and Americana Music Festival is a first for The Malleable and the city of Albion.  With a focus on community, the event included a food tent, cornhole boards, live music in The Malleable’s beer garden, and a raffle for a mandolin donated by Northfield Mandolins of Marshall, Michigan.  Having the day’s activities spanned throughout the main strip, co-owner and brewer Ben Wade explains, “We wanted to make this a community event, not just a brewery event.  We were very pleased with how it went considering all the sponsors, the musicians, and the mandolin giveaway.  We received some good feedback that it benefitted other businesses around us as well.”


Photo Courtesy of Albion Malleable Brewing Co.

At the center of the Black Squirrel Bluegrass and Americana Music Festival were five bands: headliner and Denver-based Chain Station, Mark Lavengood Band, Linen Ray, Water Street Wranglers, and The Wallens.  In addition to the scheduled bands, The Malleable was pleased to host a few musicians in their beer garden to fill downtime between those scheduled band performances.  “It organically evolved into a cool jam session.  It was a casual, kind of fun jam in the garden that a lot of people commented was their favorite music,” shared Ben enthusiastically.  “The night ended with an impromptu street jam under the lights after the crowd had gone and the stage was coming down.”

The Malleable typically has live music at their location on South Superior Street each Monday night and enjoyed this opportunity to share their music culture with the greater Albion community.  “These events help to create a consistent identity for the community, that Albion is where live music happens,” Ben said.  When asked if they would hold the festival again, he was confident to say, “This was successful enough that it would be worth doing again next year.  The musicians had as much fun as everyone else, if not more, and every band told us they would come back.”

View the photo slideshow below for a preview of the festival.
Event photos are courtesy of Jeff Wilson of Marshall Event Photography.
Visit Marshall Event Photography’s Facebook album here to see more photos of the event.

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