Team 1 Plastics Expands Engineering Department

Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the mobility industry, is constantly thinking about how it can continue to meet its goal of being Your #1 Team in Customer Satisfaction. It was this thinking that led the company to expand its Engineering Department last year.

Two new Team Members, Curtis Long and Mitch Hemgesberg, have joined the Engineering Team. Both men are recent graduates of Ferris State University but are already very familiar to Team 1 Plastics because each spent two summers working at Team 1 in its internship program. That familiarity is a good thing according to Dave Seedorf, Engineering Manager for Team 1. “They know our systems, Team Members, and how we operate. We also know how they operate. It’s great to have both of them on board.”

Adding Long’s position as a Project Engineer, Seedorf said, “allows Team 1 to handle more projects in a timely manner. It also provides quicker feedback to our toolmakers regarding dimensional corrections, which, in turn, provides quicker feedback to our customers.” And, more timely feedback to customers promotes more customer satisfaction.

In his role as Project Engineer, Long focuses on technical data review, 3-D drafting and modeling, and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP). He is also the leader of the newly formed Automation Team for End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) and secondary equipment. Seedorf explained that Long is “responsible for the handling and oversight of this area with a goal to improve and meet timing. Our objective is to have EOAT and molds completed around the same time so that the first molding trials are completed with EOATs.”

Long also works with customers for the resolution of problems that are related to things concerning layouts or part drawings. Seedorf cited one such issue with a mold for a customer in Mexico. He said that Long studied the part drawings, worked with the toolmaker, and communicated to the customer about the issues.

In his role as Process Engineer, Hemgesberg joins Chris Seidel (another Process Engineer) in running engineering trials on new tools prior to their introduction to production. Seedorf said, “With two Process Engineers, our plan is to be able to turn around more molding trials, quicker and more accurately.” He explained that the company often has multiple molding trials happening on the same day, making an extremely long day for a single Process Engineer. “With two Process Engineers, this can be done in a reasonable amount of time for both Chris and Mitch.”

Two Process Engineers also gives Team 1 some flexibility that it did not previously have. Seedorf said, “It also provides us, in slower periods, to have help with problematic production issues. We plan to use Mitch as a floater to fill in as needed, kind of like a pinch hitter in baseball. When you need something to happen, we can pull him in to help out as needed.”

Both Long and Hemgesberg commented that they enjoy working at Team 1 Plastics. Long said, “I truly enjoy what I do as a Project Engineer working at Team 1, and look to make nothing but improvements in both my professional and personal life for a long time to come.”

Hemgesberg added, “It means a lot to work at Team 1. Everyone here is treated with respect, and everyone Is working hard to achieve the same goal.”

That goal is, of course, being Your #1 Team in Customer Satisfaction.

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