Team 1 Plastics Featured in Detroit News Article

Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the mobility industry, was recently featured in the Detroit News article, “Michigan business owners say Trump’s tariffs have ‘mucked up the works’.”

The writer of the article, Keith Lange, cited several sources in the article which focuses on the tariffs that the Trump administration has imposed on products and material shipped to the U.S. from China. One of those sources was Craig Carrel, President and Co-owner of Team 1 Plastics.

Carrel said in the article that Team 1’s “products are frequently taxed multiple times as assemblies are shipped back and forth across borders before reaching carmakers.”

“When we see a 15-20% increase in cost, there’s not enough margin for us to absorb that,” said Carrel, who now tacks on a 20% tariff estimate in quotes for certain goods “because we got burned at one time with that.”

Carrel added, “”Being a business owner, you live with some uncertainty anyway, particularly in the auto industry, but some of these tariffs have been implemented fairly quickly, so you don’t have a year to adjust. It adds another level of complexity in an already complex environment.”

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