Team 1 Plastics Featured in Touring with Purpose

Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the mobility industry, was recently featured in Touring with Purpose, “an in-depth blog series featuring 30+ companies from a variety of industries across the United States who have exceptional company cultures.”

According to the website, “This blog series goes behind the scenes with founders, CEOs, and team members alike to uncover their beliefs about business and how they specifically create scalable systems to care for their team members beyond their day jobs.”

Julia Kortberg, the author and founder of Touring with Purpose, has visited companies throughout the United States, including a stop in November 2018, at Team 1 Plastics in Albion, Michigan. She described what she learned about Team 1 in the blog, “CV #26: How Team 1 Plastics Lives their Championship Dream.”

She wrote:

In 1999, Team 1 Plastics developed the Championship Dream, a document that outlines how the company lives and breathes as it does business. They developed the Championship Dream with input from all of their Team Members and had everyone sign it upon completion as a demonstration of their commitment. The Championship Dream has four tenants: Customer Service Excellence, Team Member Success, Positive Community Member, and Freedom to Succeed.

“While it was developed over 20 years ago, Team 1 Plastic’s commitment to the Championship Dream remains as strong as when it was first written.” Kortberg then shared four Main Takeaways:

  1. Sharing the Championship Dream with Every Team Member & Remaining Accessible as Leaders
  2. Finding The Right People: Culture Index & Team Referrals
  3. Practicing Open Book Management
  4. Helping Team Members to Grow & Develop

Team 1 Plastics is honored and grateful to be recognized by Kortberg for its company culture and its Championship Dream and to be included in Touring with Purpose.

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