Team 1 Plastics Focused on Future Generations

When Team 1 Plastics talks about its 20/20 vision statement, “Be a financially secure company that provides opportunities for all of our team members for generations in the future,” it is usually focused on finances.

But, it seems that in 2018, the Team Members themselves have been focused on a different aspect of the statement. You see, it’s been a bumper year for babies at Team 1 Plastics.

While the company is working on ensuring financial stability for the future, the Team Members seem to be working at ensuring that there will be another generation. According to Robert Clothier, Human Resources (HR) Manager, six babies have been born to Team Members in 2018, and two more are expected before the end of year.

Now, eight babies may not seem like a lot to you until you do the math. In a company that currently employs 64 Team Members, eight babies born in a year is a pretty significant %, especially when you consider that in an average year, two or three babies are born to Team Members. So, the eight babies born in 2018 are an increase of more than 250% over an average year! (Wouldn’t it be nice if the company’s profits increased by 250% in a year!)

As with any type of growth, there are challenges that come along. The bumper crop of babies is no different. Covering Team Members’ maternity leaves was one such challenge – but one that also provided some opportunities. Clothier said, “It’s provided opportunities for Team Members to step into new roles and learn new positions, which is great for them and Team 1.” He added, “Our team is fantastic with helping out in needed areas!”

Clothier jokingly said that keeping the candy dish full in the HR department was another challenge. Team 1 celebrates the birth of a Team Member’s child by providing a personalized baby blanket to the family. With so many baby blankets given away this year, Clothier joked that his department’s budgeted funds had to be reallocated from candy supply to baby blankets.

Team 1 Plastics congratulates the Team Members on the additions to their families. It’s just another example of Team Member Success, one of the four tenets of the company’s Championship Dream. “Team members must possess the moral courage to take the risks and seize opportunities required to make a difference.” Sounds like that is exactly what the Team Members are doing to ensure that there is another generation.

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