Team 1 Plastics Gives Update from Fund-Raising Campaign

Back in 2017, Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the mobility industry, celebrated its 30th anniversary. As part of the celebration, the company held a Fund-Raising Campaign. Thanks to the support of its customers, suppliers, community members, business partners, and Team Members, almost $9,000 was raised for local community projects.

“Our 30th Anniversary Fund Raising Campaign exceeded our expectations,” said Craig Carrel, Team 1’s President and Co-owner. “The money raised from a broad range of stakeholders gave our fund a huge boost and allows us to assist even more local projects to make Albion a better place to live and work.”

Each gift received was divided to support two funds:

And, these funds are impacting the community. The Albion-Marshall Resilient Communities Project (AMRCP) is in year three. According to Starr Commonwealth, the project continues to “create new opportunities for community members to find the common thread that connects them – whether they be twelve doors or twelve miles apart.”

In 2019, AMRCP is “utilizing the many great local stories that were shared and created in year two of the project – in the form of film, performance art, story circles, and more – and the many unique partnerships the project has formed. The AMRCP will continue its mission of cultivating a culture of respect and dignity within the greater Albion and Marshall community through new events and programming.”

Another project that is directly impacting the local community is the Charitable Union’s annual Back-to-School Clothing Distribution. The agency has conducted Back-to-School Clothing Distributions in Michigan’s Calhoun County since its inception in 1887. This year, funds from Team 1 Plastics’ Charitable Fund were given to support this project.

According to the Charitable Union’s July 2019 newsletter, “The Charitable Union distributes free, Back-to-School clothing to over 3,500 low-to-moderate income children prior to the beginning of school each year. Every child will receive a pair of pants, shirt, pair of underwear and socks during these events.”

The Back-to-School distribution events in Albion, Battle Creek, Harper Creek, Homer, and Marshall are occurring during the weeks of August 5, 2019, through August 14, 2019. Parents pre-register and obtain a voucher from the Charitable Union’s Free Store (85 Calhoun St., Battle Creek, Michigan) or from a school employee, and bring the completed form to the distribution event held in their community. For more information, contact the Charitable Union at (269) 964-7234.

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