Team 1 Plastics Honored by MAPP

The Board of Directors of MAPP (Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors) and its staff recently honored Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the mobility industry, for its 15 years of continuous membership with the organization.

During its annual Board Meeting in October 2019, Troy Nix, Executive Director of MAPP, presented Team 1 Plastics with an American flag, a certificate, and a congratulatory letter as a “very small token of our gratitude.” Nix wrote, “We strongly believe the gift of this American Flag, a symbol of freedom, ingenuity, perseverance, integrity, strength and leadership, is one of the greatest gifts that our association could provide to its long-term members.”

Nix continued, “We sincerely appreciate your active participation in the MAPP organization over the past fifteen years. We especially want to recognize the contributions your company has provided to other member executives, and are grateful for your overall support.”

Representing Team 1 Plastics at the ceremony were Robert Clothier, Human Resources Manager, and Craig Carrel, President and Co-owner.

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Albion, Michigan 49224-9506

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