Team 1 Plastics Installs Electric Vehicle Charger

Electric vehicles can now be plugged in and charged up for free at Team 1 Plastics in Albion, Michigan.

In January 2020, the company installed an electric vehicle charger in its main parking lot as part of the Consumers Energy’s PowerMIDrive™ program. The company also registered the charger on the PlugShare APP which helps owners of electric vehicles locate charging stations.

Team 1’s charging station, a Siemens VersiCharge J1772, is available to the public and can accommodate two vehicles simultaneously. According to Siemen’s website, the charger “works with all vehicles compliant to the SAE J1772 standard as well as with Tesla vehicles via adapter provided by Tesla.” Also according to its website, the Siemens VersiCharge J1772 is a Level 2 charger, using 240 volts which “can drastically reduce the charge time of your car versus the 120 V” of a Level 1 charger.

Choosing to install this particular charger qualified Team 1 Plastics for a rebate from Consumers Energy through the PowerMIDrive™ program, which according to the website, “is designed to increase EV charging capability and make it easier for you to charge your vehicle.” Learn more about the PowerMIDrive™ program on the Consumer Power’s website.

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