Team 1 Plastics Installs New Presses

Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the transportation industry, is focused on continuous improvement in all areas of its business, including production. This focus led to the company’s recent purchase and installation of two new injection molding presses.

According to Gary Grigowski, Team 1’s Vice President and co-owner, the company’s two new presses are a 60-metric ton and a 300-metric ton. Both new presses are Sodick GL models, equipped with its proprietary plunger-style injection system, which Grigowski said saves Team 1 both time and money. “There is a minimum amount of maintenance with this design. We would spend a lot more money on the maintenance of screws and barrels and check rings over the life of a conventional ‘check-ring’ style press than we would on these machines.”

The 300-metric ton press is the largest press that Team 1 has in production and expands Team 1’s capabilities. Grigowski described it as “the machine that can take the largest tools and the largest shot of any press in the shop.”

The other new press – the 60-metric ton – will eventually replace an aging press. Grigowski said that several years ago Team 1 began the process of proactively purchasing new presses to replace older ones. He said that the company moves jobs off of the old presses in a controlled measure, making sure that all required customer approvals have been received.

Because of their energy efficiency, both new presses qualified for the Consumer Energy Business Energy Efficiency Program, netting Team 1 Plastics a total rebate of more than $11,000 – an unexpected bonus for the company. “I didn’t even know this program existed,” Grigowski said. He explained that he learned about the program while attending an Albion Chamber of Commerce event in which several vendors talked about energy savings programs. Grigowski said the paperwork for the rebate was “very easy to fill out, and the fact that the presses were already ordered didn’t change anything. All we had to do was to apply for the rebate.”

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