Team 1 Plastics Introduces New Marketing Assistant

Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the transportation industry, believes that building an exceptional company is the result of building exceptional teams with exceptional people.  The company looks for Team Members who are honest, demonstrate a high level of integrity, have an eagerness to learn, contribute to a safe work environment, and value each person in a diverse work force.  Today Team 1 Plastics is proud to introduce one of their newest Team Members, Marketing Assistant Danielle Sheldon.

In 2016, Danielle Sheldon joined Team 1 Plastics as a Production Assistant.  She quickly moved up within the company and was named as Team 1’s Trainer, tasked with developing a new Production Assistant Training Program to improve Team 1’s turnover rate and reduce production errors.  Danielle did leave the company for the birth of her second child and worked as a school paraprofessional for three years.  Last November, she returned to Team 1 Plastics as their new Marketing Assistant.

When asked about her return to Team 1, Danielle shares, “I could not be happier with my decision to shift my career back to Team 1 Plastics.  I enjoyed my time here before and was excited to have an opportunity to return.  I was nervous about the transition back after so many years but was welcomed by some familiar faces, and it was like I had never left.”  

For the past six months, Danielle has increased Team 1’s online presence through news articles, social media management, and event/sponsorship marketing.  “Each week’s responsibilities can vary depending on what is happening with Team 1 at the time,” Danielle explains.  “That is one thing I enjoy about this position.  Some weeks I can be found at home drafting the weekly article, keeping the website up to date, or managing Team 1’s social media accounts.  Other weeks I am at the facility giving interviews, updating Team Member headshots, or taking Instagram photos.”

Team 1 Plastics co-owners Craig Carrel and Gary Grigowski are thankful that Danielle has returned, and know she was the right fit for the position.  “Danielle has added an element of expertise to this position, from her creative videos and slideshows to great content like Facebook LIVE stream during events,” Carrel shares.  “And when I read her work, I think it is so well done and gives a great perspective.”

To read some of Danielle’s news articles, visit the Team 1 Plastics News page by clicking HERE.
Or click one of the logos below to visit the Team 1 Plastics website and social media outlets.

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