Team 1 Plastics Introduces Newest Team Members

Team 1 Plastics, a plastic injection molding company for the transportation industry, believes that building an exceptional company is the result of building exceptional teams with exceptional people.  The company looks for Team Members who are honest, demonstrate a high level of integrity, have an eagerness to learn, contribute to a safe work environment, and value each person in a diverse work force.  Today Team 1 Plastics is proud to introduce three of their newest Team Members: Paige Popenhagen, Fred Vanderstelt, and Chans Smith.


Last year, Team 1’s Customer Service (CS) Department needed some restructuring.  During that time, a new Administrative Support Technician position was created.  Having had prior CS experience before joining the company’s team, Paige was the perfect candidate for the job.  This position has allowed her to serve as backup support to both CS and Accounting.  Next month, Paige will be celebrating one year with the company and has been an integral part of helping CS and Accounting to run smoothly.  Fellow CS Representative Sandy Bunker agrees, “She has taken a lot off my plate.”  When asked what she enjoys most about this position, Paige responded by saying, “It is nice to be more behind the scenes.  That way I am not rushed to find the answers to questions right away and can gather as much information as I can to answer appropriately.  In my previous positions, I was face to face with customers, so this is a nice change.  I also really enjoy the data entry part of it.”


When he accepted the position as Process Engineer last year, Fred was completing his bachelor’s degree in Plastics Engineering Technology at Ferris State University.  To Fred’s benefit, the university allowed this position to serve as his second internship.  Like Paige, Fred will be celebrating one year with the company next month.  Engineering Manager Dave Seedorf described how beneficial Fred has been to the company over the past year.  He is really a team player.  He tackles anything he is asked to do and has done a great job of learning the ropes here at Team 1.  On a regular basis Fred helps out Production, along with his normal engineering responsibilities.”  When asked what he enjoys most about his position, Fred responded by saying “I am good at figuring things out, so I enjoy the problem-solving part of things.”


Team 1 Plastics will say goodbye to Engineering Specialist Harry Martin next month, as he is set to retire.  Chans joined Team 1 at the beginning of April and has stayed busy while training to fill Harry’s position.  With 14 years of experience in Metrology and Manufacturing, Chans brings a lot to the table for the company.  When asked what drove him to make a change in employers, he proudly answered, “Team 1 is a lot more generous and has a family-focused atmosphere.  Also, I felt that I had ‘topped out’ and I didn’t really have any room to grow at my previous company.  Although he has only been with Team 1 for less than a month, Chans has been enjoying the different challenges daily.  “Each day I have something new to solve!”


Each month, Team 1 Plastics puts focus on their most valuable assets by publishing Team Member Profiles.  These profiles feature one Team Member per month and typically only highlight those who have been with the company for at least one year.  With Paige and Fred both celebrating one year with Team 1 in May, be sure to catch their profiles in the coming months.

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