Team 1 Plastics Plays in Golf Outing Fundraiser

In 1999, with input from all team members, Team 1 Plastics adopted their Championship Dream.  This written agreement, similar to a mission statement, entails “how the company lives and breathes as they do business” and includes four core values: Customer Service Excellence, Team Member Success, Freedom to Succeed, and Positive Community Member.

Team 1 holds true to being a Positive Community Member by putting their donations and volunteer efforts toward organizations and events within the local communities of Jackson and Calhoun counties.  Some of those donations and volunteer efforts include Public Schools, Junior Achievement, Starr Commonwealth, Albion Chamber of Commerce, South Michigan Food Bank, Albion Community Foundation, and local community events.


Founded in 1955, The Albion Historical Society “works to preserve and display the heritage of the Albion area.”  Run by volunteers, this non-profit organization “cares for thousands of artifacts, provides speaker series, and educates the public about Albion’s local history.”  Additionally, the Historical Society operates the nationally recognized Gardner House Museum, a former home built by a local hardware merchant.  In the museum, visitors can see beautifully preserved history such as a 1900-era kitchen, primitive tools, a piano from the 1850’s, antique beds and clothing, and much more.

For twenty years, the Albion Historical Society has held their Annual Gardner House Museum golf outing.  All proceeds from this fundraising event are used for upkeep of the museum.  According to this year’s press release, “The board especially wants the museum to look its best for when the Michigan Historical Society conference is held in Albion this September.  The board would also like to improve its online presence so that citizens will be able to access the society’s records digitally.”  In years past the outing has been held at Tomac Woods: Albion’s local golf course.  With Tomac being sold over the past year, this year’s outing was relocated to Emerald Hills Golf Course in the neighboring city of Marshall.  Held on Saturday, July 23, the outing consisted of “a four-person scramble format, including 18 holes of golf, prizes for first and second place, 50/50 split, and a delicious lunch!” 

This year’s event raised a total of $5,366 for the Historical Society!


Between sponsoring a yearly hole and sending Team Members to play, Team 1 Plastics has been a key sponsor for the Gardner House Museum golf outing for 11 of the 20 years it has taken place.  Additionally, Team 1’s Maintenance Captain Andy Zblewski has served as President of the Albion Historical Society, organizing this event from its inception.  This year, Team 1 had ten Team Members playing in the outing; Andy Zblewski, Will Adams, Craig Clem, Jadon Austin, Ethan Austin, Anthony Merringer, Dave Sanford, Mitch Hemgesberg, Travis Castle, and Dave Seedorf.  This year, Team 1 continued their support by sponsoring one of the four-player teams seen in the gallery below.

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