Team 1 Plastics Holds Dual Celebration for Recent Achievements

Photo courtesy of Ritzenthaler Studios

Last week, Team 1 Plastics gathered at their production facility in Albion, Michigan to celebrate two recent achievements: 1500 consecutive safety days without a lost time accident, and Plastics News’ 2022 Best Places to Work award.  The company invited all Team Members to the facility for a group photo, updated headshots, and a meal.  Additionally, Team 1 will soon be gifting each Team Member with a commemorative blanket to remember the celebration.  Photos from the event can be seen in the slideshow below.

Neither of these awards are easy to come by and Team 1 Plastics’ owners are thankful to have Team Members that help make it happen.  “We are so proud of our team and the stellar way we work together.  Keep up the good work!”

At the turn of the new year, Team 1 Plastics reached 1500 consecutive days without a lost time accident – equivalent to just over 4 years!  To learn more about Team 1’s safety performance and record, read last week’s article titled “Team 1 Plastics Achieves 1500 Consecutive Safety Days.”

Additionally, 2022 marks the eighth year that Team 1 has been awarded the title of Best Places to Work from Plastics News.  To learn more about this annual award and how Team 1 was named as #4 Processor this year, read the article from March titled “Team 1 Plastics Awarded “Best Places to Work” Title for 2022.” 

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